Bladder Diary

The purpose of a bladder diary is to document how your bladder functions


A diary can give your therapist an excellent picture of your bladder functions, habits and patterns. At first, the diary is used as an evaluation tool. Later, it will be used to measure your progress on bladder retraining or leakage episodes. Your log will be more accurate if you fill it out as you go through the day. It can be very difficult to remember at the end of the day exactly what happened in the morning. Please do the bladder diary on one weekend day and two work days, for 3 days total.

  • Column 1

    – Time of Day

    • The log begins with midnight and covers a 24 hour period. Select the hour block that corresponds with the time of day you are recording information.
  • Column 2

    – Type & Amount of Fluid & Food Intake

    • Record the type and amount of fluid you drank
    • Record the type and amount of food you ate
    • Record when you woke up for the day and the hour you went to sleep
  • Column 3

    – Amount Voided (Urinated):

    • Record the time of day and amount voided
    • I recommend downloading and using the app called “Bladder Health”, which will listen to your urine stream and tell you approximately how many milliliters you voided. This is easier than manually measuring your urine and more accurate than counting in seconds.
    • You can record in seconds by counting “one – one thousand” (this equals one second) while emptying your bladder.
    • Record the total number of seconds it took you to void.
  • Column 4 – Amount of Leakage
    • Record the amount of urine loss at the time it occurred.
      • S- SMALL= drop or two of urine
        M- MEDIUM= wet underwear
        L- LARGE= wet outerwear or floor
  • Column 5

    – Was Urge Present

    • Describe the urge sensation you had as:
      • 1- MILD= first sensation of need to go
        2- MODERATE= stronger sensation or need
        3- STRONG= need to get to toilet, move aside!
  • Column 6

    – Activity with Leakage

    • Describe the activity associated with the leakage, i.e. coughed, heard running water, sneezed, bent over, lifted something or had a strong urge.
  • Column 7

    -BM (bowel movement or poop)

    • Refer to poop chart that I attached to find the poop type.
      • Record S (“that’s it?” feels incomplete)
      • M, L (I feel empty)
      • XXL (clogged the toilet)

(at the bottom of the log table) special problems and new or changes in medication are recorded here. If a pad/diaper/pull up was needed, record the number used during the day in the “comments” section.

Here is an example of what your bladder diary would look like

I am also providing a PDF of these Bladder Diary Logs for you print out and have on hand. Download them here Bladder_Diary

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