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Common Questions for Empowered Physical Therapy

Where is the clinic located?
We’re at 9015 Vernon Rd #102 Lake Stevens, in a big industrial park. You can’t miss our building – it’s the one with a cool mural on the side! After you drive past the ‘peanut’ roundabout, take a left into the industrial park. We are in the first building, and you’ll see a big banner above the entrance. Once inside, our office is on the left!

  • How long is each visit?
    Every appointment lasts for one hour and is always one-on-one with a licensed Therapist with no use of unlicensed aides, or hand-offs.
  • What insurance do we accept? 

    We welcome payments through HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Family Savings Account) cards, as well as all major credit cards. While we are not in-network with insurances, there are significant advantages to choosing an out-of-network clinic. Approximately half of our patients opt for self-payment due to the advantages of our specialist approach (more on this below).
    Your insurance may still help pay! Many insurance providers offer out-of-network reimbursement, and we can provide a Superbill (a service receipt) for you to submit to your insurance company for potential out-of-network reimbursement benefits. We are honored to be an approved TRICARE Select out-of-network provider for military-affiliated individuals who are covered by this plan.

  • What are the benefits of “self-pay” for physical therapy instead of going to a clinic that accepts insurance?  The short answer is: you get better faster with fewer visits outside of the insurance model. Our specialists are able take more time to focus on your care without insurance dictating what treatments you get. We are able to spend more time with you to create highly a customized plan to get you better as quickly as possible without worrying about quotas. We are able to find and treat the root cause of your issue, which may not be where your pain is located! We are able to give a higher quality of care because we are not focused on a high volume of other patients.

    At Empowered Physical Therapy, we feel strongly about being transparent with our costs. A big frustration of ours is when companies hide pricing or when you get unexpected bills. We can’t change what others do, but we can be the change we want to see in our world. Rarely do we find that price is the main factor in getting care; but that the value of the result is the most important factor. We believe you will find the value we provide in improving the quality of your life and getting you back to living pain & leak-free far outweighs the costs in the big picture.

  • How much do you charge?
    We are committed to transparency and have made our pricing readily available on our website. Rest assured, there will be no unexpected charges. You can easily view our rates and bundled deals on our Contact page, Click here.
  • Isn’t it cheaper to go through a clinic that accepts insurance? Not necessarily! In many cases, when clinics bill insurance, patients may encounter unexpected bills for services that their insurance doesn’t fully cover. Billing typically occurs after each visit, leaving patients uncertain about the charges until they receive a bill. At our clinic, we provide transparent pricing upfront, ensuring that you are aware of the rates in advance. This allows you to make well-informed decisions and effectively budget for your care. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a highly sought-after and necessary specialty, causing in-network clinics to frequently have 3-6 month wait lists. Within that period, you could have already addressed your pelvic floor issues, without suffering longer or potentially worsening over time. Our goal is to get new patients seen within 2 weeks so they can return to living life pain and leak-free as fast as possible. No need to prolong or worsen embarrassing and frustrating pelvic floor issues that can be resolved now!
  • If you want to call your insurance and ask about Out of Network Benefits, what should you say?
    “I want to see a Physical Therapy provider who is out of network. What is my reimbursement rate? If I don’t have any reimbursement for out of network providers, can my payments at least be applied towards my annual deductible?
  • My insurance does have Out Of Network Benefits.. how do I submit paperwork for those? 
    Your insurance requires a document known as a “Superbill,” containing diagnosis and procedure codes, visit dates, and the corresponding amounts you paid. Simply inform us if you’d like one, and we’ll gladly provide it! Following your visit, we can promptly write up a Superbill, and you should receive it via email by the next day.
  • Where can I learn more about my specific pelvic floor problems?
    We have a “Learn” section right on our website. You can learn about topics from pregnancy and postpartum to vulvar care and more right HERE.
  • How do I book? 
    You can book directly from our Contact page, call or text (425) 230-6188, click the “Request an Appointment” button below, or send us an email:
    Business hours: We are open Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
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