Empowered Physical Therapy PLLC offers in-clinic visits in Lake Stevens and telehealth appointments for patients in the State of Washington. Please reach out if you are in another state, as we have options for you!

Call or Text: (425)230-6188, or scroll down to book online

Email: info@empowered-physicaltherapy.com

Address: 9015 Vernon Rd #102 Lake Stevens, Washington

Business hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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At Empowered Physical Therapy, we feel strongly about being transparent with our costs. A big frustration of ours is when companies hide pricing or when you get unexpected bills. We can’t change what others do, but we can be the change we want to see in our world. Rarely do we find that price is the main factor in getting care; but that the value of the result is the most important factor. We believe you will find the value we provide in improving the quality of your life and getting you back to living pain & leak-free far outweighs the costs in the big picture.

Physical Therapy Services

60 min initial evaluation

Evaluation for pelvic floor related symptoms such as: pelvic pain, abdominal separation (diastasis recti), urinary issues (urgency, frequency, incontinence,) pelvic organ heaviness/prolapse, lower abdominal pain, other pelvic-area or SI joint pain, symptoms, or discomfort.

Clinic address: 9015 Vernon Rd #102 Lake Stevens


15 min consultation (via video or phone)
We’ll get the nutshell version about what you’re experiencing, and talk about strategies to help you move forward.


Please click the link below to call/text our clinic so we can help you with a consult!



Investing in your health and quality of life can be a real challenge. That’s why we offer single visits and discounted bundles of visits, providing our patients with multiple options to access the care they deserve. 

Please note that rates for follow up visits and packages will be increasing on August 1, 2024

Bundle DEAL: 16 Follow up visits

**Best for patients with one or more pelvic floor issues to overcome, complex pelvic pain, and/or high level athletic goals.**

Package of 16 Follow up Visits

$180 each

**SAVE $540!**

Four month payment plan available!

Bundle DEAL: 12 Follow up visits

**Best for patients with one or more pelvic issues to overcome, low or no current exercise, and/or currently pregnant**

Package of 12 Follow up Visits

$185 each

**SAVE $345!**

Three month payment plan available!

Bundle DEAL: 8 Follow up visits

**Best for patients who have one  low complexity pelvic floor issue to overcome and are currently strength training regularly**

Package of 8 Follow up Visits

$185 each

**SAVE $230!**

Eval & Bundle DEAL: 3 total visits

We have created a special Pregnancy & Postpartum Package just for our prenatal patients! 

Includes 3 visits at a reduced rate of $195 each

At least one visit will focus on prenatal care to help you prepare for childbirth.

The other two visits can be used pre or post-natally

This package ALSO includes:

  • A third-trimester exercise program
  • Labor and birth prep 
  • program for the first two weeks of postpartum recovery 
Follow up visits without bundle deals

60 minute follow up visit

$200 each

Is a Bundle Deal Right for You?

« You are motivated to change your life

« You are committed to prioritizing your health

« You thrive with accountability

« Your pelvic floor problem has gone on for long enough and you are ready to be done with it for good!

Are you ready to live without pain?

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