Birth Prep Movement and Stretches

 How important is doing stretches while pregnant? Wanting to loosen up for the big day? Perform these movements and stretches 1-3x daily, increasing frequency in the 3rd trimester. Stay within a comfortable range for every movement and be sure to inform your provider if any cause pain.


3D cat Camel with breath work

Hip Internal Rotation

Mid Pelvis Opener

Seated Thoracic Spine Mobility

Pelvic Circles for Pregnancy

Advanced Balance and Coordination- Step Up to Single Leg Balance with Row

360 Breathing

Supported Bridge Pose

If any of the following exercises on your back cause any discomfort, nausea, pain, dizziness, etc, please shorten the time you remain laying on your back! 

To keep up on your birth prep,check out our blog on perineal stretching 

If these movements have helped you in the past we would love to get your feedback! Head over for our contact page to get your hands on even more birth prep information Or check out our instagram

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